Bringing history to life

As a storyteller you use your talents to tell the world about the events that shaped it.

When telling an historical story, from direct experience, or, from hearsay, narrow it to one event and make sure it has a plot, some conflict, characters, a setting and action.

You may have to fit the story to your time limits.


Historical stories can be fascinating to read, if they’re told properly.
Give the characters some life.
Even Cúchulainn, the Irish warrior, must have had the odd bad day with a toothache.

Pirate queen, Granuaile, must have had dome bad hair days on her pirate ship.

Don’t assume everyone already knows the people you’re talking about. They may know her as Grace O’Malley, so describe who you are talking about. Make your audience see and hear them. Remember sounds in everyday life.

In cutting your material to fit the time allowed, keep the main point or plot of your story and eliminate anything that doesn’t advance it.

Be ruthless.

Anyway, a brief synopsis up to the point where your story begins can skip along to where you want to be.

Eliminate lengthy descriptions.

Eliminate a complete scene if the story will still have unity and the scene is proving troublesome..

Cut minor characters or sub stories if the meaning will remain without them.

Read your own work carefully, once you have completed the first draft.

Decide what parts to retain, keeping only what is essential to the story.

Eliminating all else.

Tie the parts together with single sentence transitions.

Read the new version to make sure the story still makes sense.

Be careful not to  throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Tempo in a story should vary according to the action, from slow to fast.

Pause before changing ideas, before important words or before important actions.

For you are bringing history to life.


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