Stand and deliver

Prepare to stand and deliver

In preparation of your material and your intro ask yourself some questions:

What are: the objectives of the story: are you telling the story for entertainment, education, or to persuade?

In your thoughts include: who will hear it, where, when,  how, and why should anyone listen?

Write a rough presentation, include everything and review the draft.
Delete irrelevant or superfluous matter.

Check the story is consistent and flows smoothly. If in doubt leave it out.

Write your own intro for others to use to introduce you: Who you are; why you are good for this and what you will speak about and whether you take questions

Rehearse your story presentation – to yourself and then in front of someone or record it.


Write down bullet points of your proposed story. Then add in detail to each.
Form the material into sentences to match bullets.

Test time your personal delivery from a written report.
Determine your number of words per minute. The average is 150 words per minute.

Establish your allotted time and prepare accordingly

Read your material aloud for awkwardness

Stand when speaking

Allow for spread in the presentation and reaction, if it’s funny, or dramatic, you will need to remain silent to allow audience reaction

Prepare briefer material for a foreshortened presentation

Prepare more material for delivery in face of an unresponsive audience.

Prepare a wrap up paragraph which you can go to if you have to suddenly finish speaking.


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