Minding mice at a crossroads

One of the greatest of pleasures in storytelling is telling stories to children.

It is also the most challenging.

Many children like to hear the same story, often, for it gives them a certainty with which to measure other experiences in a developing life.

Others like to hear new stories, so long as they follow a well-recognised pattern of calm, challenge, danger, and challenge overcome.

If there are four mice at a crossroads to begin with, then there should be four mice accounted for at story’s end.

Children are remarkably resilient and accommodating to a story of terror and mayhem.

Our human DNA recalls a time when dark shadows that danced beyond the campfire were really trying to devour us.

Children know there are demons still lurking about. What they want from the story is assurance that all will be well in the end.

The demon will be vanquished, or, an alternative way home shown, where demons do not await.

And that someone knows where the mice are now.


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