insectThe storyteller can tell stories anywhere.
Once upon a time, we told stories in the night to while away darkness and to stay in touch with the comfort of man.
Then, we slipped into the land of spirits.
Fantasy became real; for in story we free our mind to wander where it will.
It is the great gift of the storyteller to take us to the serenity of the wild secret places with tone and tale alone.
For story is what we believe, and in story we learn about life: the life we lead and the life of people that went before.
In story we preserve our times for impatient generations yet to come.
In story.
We are.

Who is listening to you?
Stand and deliver
Be not nervous
Do not spit feathers
Be not lazy
Hold to the story
It’s in your stars
Just one good story
Keep it fresh
Mind stories
Shimmering Eyes
Storytelling to the ages
Tell me a story
Telling stories is different
Ten commandments for the storyteller
What’s the story?
You must listen well