Weaver of story

There is a story told of a man who wanted to be something else and who took measures to achieve that ambition, with startling results.

In a village lived a weaver who could only make a livelihood by working very hard indeed.

It happened that a rich man gave a feast to which he invited everyone, including the weaver. The weaver went along in his best clothes with face, hands and feet washed. He saw magnificently dressed people receiving fine foods and being treated with respect because of their splendid clothes.

He said to himself that if he was to change trades for one that would be of less trouble, and more rewarding, he could buy clothes like these people before him.

He would become important; and people would respect him.

First of all, he decided he would make them notice him this very evening.

Entertainment had been provided and the weaver looked at one of the tumblers on whom many eyes dwelt.

This man climbed on to a very high wall.
He threw himself down to the ground, unharmed.
He rose to his feet again, to applause and cries of wonder.

The weaver said to himself: he must do the same thing; it was not beyond his powers. If a tumbler could do it then so too could a weaver.

When everyone was watching, he threw himself down from the wall, but when he reached the ground, he broke his neck and died on the spot.

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