Business Storytelling
Who are you?

Every enterprise has a story to tell. Every person in an enterprise has a story to tell. Most clients want to know that story, if even only to re-assure themselves of their partner in business.

Keep your story very simple.
Try to say your business credo out loud in six words; no more no less.
Ask yourself what business the six-word description describes: a newspaper, a website, a training company, a home electrician, a fast-food outlet, a dressmaker, a security firm, a carmaker, a travel company, a dog walker, a boat maker, a freight company, an airline, a shipyard, a bank, a finance house, a solicitor, a five-star hotel, an escort service, an accountant, your biggest strongest competitor, a home carer.

Once you settle on this succinct statement then your ideas on what you might offer as story become clearer.

But, beware of an over-exuberance.

It is your business story.

Keep it simple.

And memorable

A simple story
Weaver of Story