Monthly Archives: June 2017

Shimmer like a Storyteller

Our video on Telling Stories that Shimmer is online now

To tell a story well we as storytellers must see the story dance in the mind’s eye.

For a storyteller conjures demons in the peaceful mind of the listener, love in the hardest of hearts and challenge in the mid-day sun.

Where a mirage shimmers in the heat of a desert, tantalising images dance away in the heat.

A pair of footsteps intermingling on a snowy path can suggest lovers on their enchanted way. How wondrous the exuberance of new love recently discovered.

Tell it out for us all to hear. Make goosebumps tingle on  our skin as we listen.

A storyteller’s mind must dance to create the reality of imagination.

A storyteller must see the mirage, meet the demon, embrace the lovers. She must exhaust herself, so as to exhaust her co-conspirators in story.

Listeners must be worn out, as much as the teller is spent in creating an oasis for thirsty travellers in a land of wonder.

For then has a story been told.