0031  Woman brings lover to meet husband.
0032   Machismo man  buys used chest medallion
0033   Flying saucer spotted in neighbour’s kitchen.
0034   Suitor falls to one knee. Ouch
0035   A  man befriends a killer rat.

0036  Vengeful woman reads her rival’s diary.
0037  An apple falls from a tree.
0038 A man shaves off his beard
0039 An alien falls from your roof
0040 How many camels can you herd?

0041 Wooed online, unseen bride removes veil
0042 Man robs bank. Bank robs man.
0043 A child buries a dead bird
0044 A thief steals a nun’s purse.
0045 More days than money for bills

0046 Ball bounces into empty swimming pool.
0047 Hours to go before his execution
0048 Pensioners revolt over missing tea cups
0049 Astronaut returns to empty home planet
0050 Cloned man fails to make friends


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